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According to the ”Electronic Communications Act” which applies from 25 July 2003 as well as additional news from 1 July 2011 everyone who visits Swedish-registered websites using cookies must receive information about this.

A cookie is a small text file that the website you are visiting stores on your computer. The website uses cookies to measure traffic and statistics as web browsers, number of visited sites, time for visits etc. The information that is gathered is anonymous.

To avoid cookies, you can change the security settings in your web browser.

Standards and accessibility

The web site aims at complying with W3C:s HTML standards.

The web browsers that today work well with these standards are Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer 11.

If you encounter problems with reading the texts on the web site you can use your web browser and/or your computer’s settings in order to enlarge the screen picture, increase/decrease contrast, change background or text colour, increase font sizes etc.

Of problems remain, please let us know on address

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