From January 1, 2017 we are Babcock & Wilcox Vølund AB

During the last years we have become more and more integrated with our parent company Babcock & Wilcox Vølund A/S and we are presently building four turnkey energy recovery facilities in UK together. It is therefore natural that we both are acting under the company name Babcock & Wilcox Vølund. The companies' locations and operations in Denmark and Sweden are maintained as separate legal entities and therefore all agreements with us are unchanged. Götaverken Miljö AB is consequently now named Babcock & Wilcox Vølund AB and remains your contact as supplier of services, plants and technologies for flue gas cleaning and energy recovery in the biomass and waste treatment sector and will still be found on Our website will be updated gradually.


Babcock & Wilcox Vølund is owned by Babcock & Wilcox operating in the three market segments Power, Renewable and Industrial. The group was founded 1867 and has about 5,700 employees, in addition to 2,500 joint venture employees worldwide with locations in 28 countries and a revenue of USD 1,700 million. Babcock & Wilcox Vølund is incorporated in the Renewable segment working with energy generation from biomass and waste including Operation & Maintenance, Global parts and field engineering services.

Publicerat: 02 January 2017