Our vision

  • to be the most successful, innovative supplier within its core operations on the Nordic market; to always meet or exceed the emission standards demanded by customers and authorities,
  • to be the leader in the fields of dioxin and mercury removal and in the service of flue gas cleaning, process water treatment and major heat pump and chiller installations.

Our product areas:

Our unique, patented technologies:            

    • Multi-stage scrubbers for cleaning or condensing in multiple stages
    • ADIOX® for dioxin removal, integrated into new or existing flue gas cleaning or flue gas condensation installations
    • MERCOXTM for mercury removal in wet scrubbers.
    • CUTNOX®, supplement to SNCR for reduced NOx formation
    • Sulfur recirculation, for reducing boiler corrosion and dioxin formation and/or allowing for higher steam temperatures.


We supply installations and provide consultancy and maintenance services throughout Europe ourselves or jointly with strong local partners. We deliver unique products such as ADIOX ® dioxin removal and package solutions directly or through agents to customers around the globe. We have developed service solutions to ensure continual optimization of the economic and technical service lives of our customers' investments.

We offer the latest technology and competitive solutions that enable our customers to increase their production capacity while reducing negative effects on the environment.

Our technology and know-how can be put to use in the following industries:

    • Waste incineration 
    • Biomass-fired boiler installations 
    • Other energy production 
    • Chemical industry 
    • Foundries 
    • Metal industry 
    • Process industry 
    • Oil refineries
    • Paper and pulp industries