Babcock & Wilcox Vølund AB, through the keen environmental awareness of its employees, seeks to develop products and services and to design, install and commission products with due regard for sustainable development and with the following environmental goals:

  • Compliance with applicable environmental laws and ordinances
  • Meeting contractual environmental requirements as agreed with customers
  • Designing products such that their environmental impact is low during both production and operation and which offer the lowest possible environmental impact compared to equivalent technological and economical alternatives
  • Developing products such that anticipated industry emission standards are bettered by a margin of at least 50%
  • Applying life-cycle thinking in the choice of technologies and materials
  • Evaluating partners and suppliers according to the intentions of this policy

Products for reduced environmental impact

Babcock & Wilcox Vølund AB's operations focus directly on the development and delivery of products and services that contribute to reduced environmental impact from energy production and industrial processes, and they support the sustainable advance of society.

We have specialized in unique products that world leaders in cleaning environmentally hazardous emissions and the recovery of energy through flue gas condensation. Our ADIOX® and MERCOXTM technologies for removing dioxin and mercury from flue gases are successful leading-edge products.

The positive environmental effects arising from our customers' use of our products are substantial. Our business provides a significant net contribution toward a sustainable society.

We can summarize the positive environmental effects of our commercial products thus:

  • The removal of dioxin from gas and water phases using ADIOX® and the elimination of waste products reduces the amount of heavily carcinogenic substances in our environment.
  • The removal of acidic gas components (hydrochloric acid, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen fluoride) in our multi-stage scrubbers including the neutralization of water so that only clean water is led off to the receiver, reduces acidification of the environment.
  • The removal of heavy metals (mercury, cadmium etc.) with our multi-stage scrubbers generates concentrated waste products that enable safe disposal and the reduction of toxins and neurotoxins in the environment.
  • The recovery of energy with our flue gas condensation scrubbers provides major revenues from increased deliveries of heat. This also reduces environmental impact by replacing environmentally harmful energy generation methods that use e.g. fossil fuel.
  • Our service and maintenance operation extends the life of production facilities and increases their reliability. This reduces costs and the consumption of finite resources.

Our environmental impact

The negative environmental effects of our operation are significantly smaller than the positive, and derive from:

  • The design, construction and operation of our commercial products
  • The production of materials, components and additives
  • The consumption of energy and other resources
  • The transportation of materials and products
  • Business travel

Demands from customers and civil authorities for environmental improvements act as an incentive to us. Our goal is to find, in collaboration with our customers and research partners, solutions with a long-term environmental perspective that are economically sustainable.