Our employees are our greatest resource and the backbone of our company. We are careful to ensure our employees are able to develop and that they get on well at work and with each other. Skills enhancement, a good working environment and good health are important cornerstones in our business.

Improve your skills

Every employee's efforts are important in helping us achieve our goals and visions. Working for us means contributing to a future with lower emissions, better energy efficiency and an improved environment. Because we must constantly develop our technologies to meet our customers' demands, we need dedicated, capable engineers to help us meet this challenge. You can find the positions we're hoping to fill right now under Vacancies.

All of our employees get the opportunity to develop their expertise in their various professional capacities and to take on more qualified, responsible assignments. Everyone has a fair chance of competing to fill new positions, and we encourage people to take their own initiatives for skills enhancement.

We strive to maintain a good, safe working environment.

A safe, agreeable workplace is fundamental if employees are to feel secure and enjoy work. We have good conditions, an open working atmosphere and excellent internal communications. In order to ensure nobody comes to harm at work, we have clear procedures to prevent accidents.

We promote good health.

Physical and psychosocial well-being are important aspects in encouraging employees to feel involved and motivated. We carry out health profile assessments through occupational health services to provide help if something needs improvement. Our employees receive a subsidy toward various physical activities as part of our wellness initiatives.

Code of Ethics

Our employees and our company follow the codes of business conduct as prescribed by Bacock & Wilcox.