Semi-wet (moisture saturated) ADIOX® absorber

ADIOX® tower packing can also be installed separately in a vessel, usually located immediately downstream from a wet scrubber system, where the flue gas is still moisture saturated. This is an advantage compared to installation in a scrubber, as there is no need for a droplet separator and liquid recirculation system. Instead of liquid collecting plates, grids can be used to separate the tower packing beds, thus making the installation more compact.

Dry ADIOX® absorbers

Dioxin removal ability is improved with ADIOX® material when gases are superheated, e.g. after a re-heater. If wet flue gas is reheated by around 20⁰C, the process is optimized and investment costs for the dioxin removal system minimized. The geometry and location of the dry absorber can be adapted to suit local conditions.

ADIOX®-absorber at Gärstad's W-t-E plant in Linköping, Sweden.