Normally tower packing material is used in scrubber systems to increase the contact surface between the gas and the process liquid. This improves the separation of acid components, primarily hydrochloric acid (HCl) and sulfur dioxide (SO2), compared to so-called open scrubbers. By making tower packing in ADIOX® material, dioxins are also absorbed. Droplet separators can also be made from ADIOX® material.

ADIOX® tower packing

We have supplied ADIOX® to a large number of reference plants as tower packing in order to improve dioxin removal and minimize the memory effect at existing flue gas cleaning installations. We can provide ADIOX® tower packing in various sizes and shapes in order to optimize pressure drops and removal efficiency.

ADIOX® droplet separator

Most scrubber systems are fitted with droplet separators. They are usually made from polypropylene (PP) and thus present a risk of exceeding dioxin limits for extended periods due to the memory effect. Dioxin removal is also improved in the system. ADIOX® droplet separators are available as knitted mesh demisters and lamella demisters.

The illustration shows an exploded drawing of a typical multi-stage scrubber. The gas inlet is in the lower scrubber section, which also shows how the ADIOX® tower packing is placed on a support grid made from glass reinforced plastic. The center section shows how a circulation tank is integrated into the scrubber structure; a droplet separator is located centrally inside the circulation tank with a so-called combi-bottom above to act as support grid for an additional tower packing section. The water spray system and the final droplet separator can be seen in the upper section.