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Flue gas condensation

General concept

Modern waste incineration plants are in general equipped with a boiler system, which utilises a large part of the energy content in the flue gases. This energy generates electric power or produces heat in a district heating system. The systems can also be combined.

Condensation scrubber at Renova AB in G?teborg, in operation since1988.In Sweden and other parts of Scandinavia it is also common to take the recovery of energy one step further. By cooling the flue gas to below its dew point, it is possible to utilise large volumes of energy. If the temperature of the flue gas after the boiler is approximately 150°C it is possible by means of flue gas condensation to increase the efficiency by approximately 20%. The efficiency is further improved with a heat pump included in the system.

Götaverken Miljö has delivered highly efficient flue gas condensation systems to a number of waste incineration plants and biofuel plants. In several of these deliveries we have also included a flue gas cleaning capacity and a heat pump process.

The actual flue gas condensation may well be combined with ADIOX® for dioxin removal in one or more scrubber stages.

A flue gas condensation process offers a very interesting potential, both financially and in terms of the environment. A significant increase in the production of energy can often be implemented at a very limited cost, and the increase in energy efficiency can be achieved without any increase of environmentally hazardous emissions. The recovered energy does not need to be purchased from another energy producer. This therefore benefits the environment in several ways!

Reference examples:


Read an interview (November 2011) with managing director Jan Clement of Aars Fjernvarme A/S upon Götaverken Miljö's delivery of a flue gas condensing plant. Götaverken Miljö presents its energy recovery solutions in view of future requirements for higher efficiency.

Extended energy recovery using flue gas condensation with condensate treatment - Sonderborg WTE plant, Denmark.

Extended energy recovery using flue gas condensation, ADIOX® as police filter - Vestforbraending WTE plant