Our water treatment installations are designed to treat water from our scrubber systems. Heightened demands for low emissions and frequent limits on the ability to release salts to receivers constantly challenge us to improve our processes.

Wherever possible we endeavor to re-use water, primarily in the flue gas cleaning process, with the aim of reducing our customers' water consumption. We have also delivered several installations that recover water for use as a supplement to feed water and in district heating systems.

Suitable types of water treatment systems can be determined by the level of pollution in the water from the flue gas cleaning system and the purity requirement for the treated water. The types of water treatment systems used are mainly:

  • Chemical water treatment with precipitation and flocculation
  • Ion exchange systems

Membrane installations consisting of ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO).

Water treatment at the Vestforbrænding plant using flocculation, precipitation and sedimentation of dust and metals. A system for treating sulfate water using gypsum precipitation and dewatering was also installed.

The water treatment at the Filbornaverket plant was built mainly around a UF/RO system. The installation separates salts and heavy metals to levels lower than those of normal drinking water.