Hazardous waste refers to installations for the reception and incineration of various kinds of hazardous waste from households and industries, i.e. inhomogeneous hazardous waste. References concerning more homogeneous types of hazardous waste are presented under references for 'process industries'. Babcock & Wilcox Vølund AB has not only installed bag house filter and scrubber systems, but also ADIOX® material for dioxin removal at hazardous-waste incinerator installations. A number of references are presented below.

Fortum Kumla

The first installation in which the MERCOXTM process was used primarily for the removal of mercury (Hg) went into operation at Fortum's incinerator installation in 2000. The scrubber system was designed to treat gases not only from the sole existing incineration line 1, but also to receive gases from the planned new incineration line 2. In connection with the construction of line 2, Babcock & Wilcox Vølund AB also supplied a new semi-wet bag house filter system as the first flue gas cleaning stage. Lime slurry is injected in a so-called spray dryer before the flue gas is led to a bag house filter where it passes through bag filters. The flue gas is led from the bag house filter to the MERCOXTM scrubber for final polishing. Dust and metals are separated from the process water, after which the water is led back to the spray dryer, thus achieving a wastewater-free system. The scrubber is now equipped with ADIOX® to prevent the so-called dioxin memory effect.

Reference brochure

Semiwet flue gas cleaning with MERCOXTM and ADIOX® for acids, mercury and dioxin polishing

Project info

Installation: Incineration plant for environmentally hazardous waste, Kumla, Sweden
Customer: Fortum Waste Solutions, Sweden
Scope: MERCOXTM scrubber and a semi-wet bag house filter system
Delivered: 2000, 2002 and 2004 (scrubber, bag house filter and ADIOX)

Process info

Flue gas flow: 150,000 Nm 3/h (scrubber system) 90,000 Nm3/h (baghouse filter system)
Emission requirement: As per EU waste directive

TREDI, France

Our ADIOX® material for the absorption of dioxin and prevention of dioxin memory effect has been installed in four of French waste company TREDI's incineration lines in Salaise and St. Vulbas in France. The process in Salaise begins with a multi-stage scrubber, after which a dry dioxin absorber acts as a final dioxin separator. In addition to dioxin, the initial scrubber system also removes acid components (e.g. HCl, SO2 and HF).

Project info

Installation: TREDI Salaise 2, incineration of environmentally hazardous waste
Customer: TREDI, France
Scope: Design of multi-stage scrubber and ADIOX® dioxin absorber and delivery of ADIOX® tower packing
Delivered: 2000, 2002 and 2004 (scrubber, baghouse filter and ADIOX®)

Process info

Flue gas flow: 65,000 Nm3/h (scrubber system)
Emission requirement: As per EU waste directive