Preventive maintenance ‒ flue gas cleaning at the Filbornaverket works in Helsingborg, Sweden

Following a service agreement with Öresundkraft, we have supported the customer with service of flue gas cleaning, flue gas condensation, absorption heat pumps and water treatment at Filbornaverket. The installation was supplied by us and taken over by the customer in March, 2013. Maintenance includes inspections during turnarounds and assistance with preventive maintenance and ongoing operational issues.

Inspection of nozzles and packed tower beds in one of the condensation stages in a multi-stage scrubber.

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Inspection of nozzles and packed tower beds in one of the condensation stages in a multi-stage scrubber.

Annual inspection – baghouse filter, Lidköping, Sweden

We carry out a thorough annual inspection of dry flue gas cleaning and peripheral systems as per service agreement with B&W Vølund. Direct actions are proposed, and we provide recommendations prior to the next period of operations.

Photo showing bag filter inspections, 2013.

Baghouse filter in Lidköping.

Service agreement – six absorption heat pumps at Vattenfall, Uppsala, Sweden

Our service agreement with Vattenfall includes six absorption heat pumps. The service agreement covers:

  • Turnaround planning
  • Review of the spare parts inventory and spare parts requirement.
  • Detailed planning of the actions and checks that must be performed during the turnaround period.
  • Preparation of a turnaround schedule
  • In addition to turnaround work, plans are made for a visit for optimization measures.
  • During the operational period we make a number of service visits for overhauls and preventive maintenance.
Vacuum system on one of the absorption heat pumps.

Renovation of the chemicals room at I/S Vestforbrænding, Copenhagen, Denmark

The service assignment involved the renovation of a chemicals room and was carried out as a collaborative project together with the customer. A preliminary study was conducted in December 2011, and the project was carried out in April and May, 2012. Our service department planned the project and carried out the installation.

Completed chemicals room after renovation.

Extension of scrubber at I/S Kraftvarmeværk Thisted, Denmark, for integration of flue gas condensation

A service assignment was carried out in 2011 in which the existing scrubber was extended to integrate a condensation stage. Modification of the scrubber along with a new heat exchanger meant that the customer was able to extract energy from the flue gas and transfer it to the district heating grid.

The extended scrubber in Thisted.