We offer our customers customized (tailored) service agreements that cover their individual needs and equipment. Service agreements include planned visits for e.g. function checks, preventive maintenance and inspections. This ensures installations enjoy high operational availability and low maintenance costs.

A service agreement may include:

  • Function tests and process optimization; two visits are planned during the operating period.
  • Inspections and maintenance: a service engineer and a process engineer are present during the turnaround for two days up to two weeks, depending on the assignment.
  • Report: submitted within two weeks of completion of turnaround work. The report documents the inspection and maintenance work and provides recommendations in preparation for the next turnaround.
  • Recommendations regarding spare parts and wear parts are made in preparation for the next operating period following the turnaround.
  • Recommendations are made regarding chemicals and other necessary components:
  • Agreement terms: NU06
  • Telephone times: our customers should reach us within 1-2 hours weekdays.
  • On site attendance: a service engineer should be available within 12-24 hours weekdays
  • Scheduled preventive maintenance: we can propose a scheduled maintenance plan for preventive maintenance during the operating period.