Our experience from all of the installations we have built means that our service engineers are able to assist with process enhancements and other service assignments that lead to improvements for our customers. Service assignments can include inspections, conversions or analyses of customer processes.

Examples of service assignments:

  • Inspections
  • Conversions and extensions of
    • flue gas cleaning systems
    • water treatment
    • chemical systems
  • Process evaluation
  • Training
  • Project planning and service of
    • absorption heat pumps
    • chillers
  • Assembly supervision, order projects

Assembly supervision

As its first choice, our project planning department engages our own service personnel to supervise assembly in major installation projects. The assembly supervisor plans and coordinates all work and contractors and has the overall responsibility for ensuring work proceeds according to plan and in a safe manner. Because our service engineers take part in the construction of our installations, they gain good insights and knowledge that are of great value during continued work with the customer through service agreements and assignments when the installation is in operation.

Examples of installations where our service personnel supervised assembly include flue gas cleaning and flue gas condensation projects such as:

  • Filbornaverket in Helsingborg (Öresundskraft)
  • Bodens Energi
  • Eksjö Energi
  • Ryaverket in Borås (Borås Energi and Miljö)
  • Landskrona Kraft


We offer our customers theory and practical training based on their requirements. Training covers the process areas we operate in:

  • Heat pumps
  • Flue gas cleaning
  • Flue gas condensation
  • Water treatment